Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Let us go Silly

What is Cornflakes week ?
A week-long celebration of silliness.
Every culture, every country and religion has its own celebrations – like Diwali or 4th July, Halloween or Oktoberfest.
This is an original event for OpenSim, to celebrate our diverse culture.
All the grids, big and small, can participate. There is no set style. No rules. Everyone can be silly in their own way.

When is Cornflakes Week ?
The last week in February, beginning on 22 February.

Why is it called 'Cornflakes Week' ?
Cornflakes Woodcock was a builder who spent a lot of time in OSGrid. His 'silly things' with their bright colors and sense of absurdity are the inspiration behind the event.

Is this a tribute to Cornflakes Woodcock ?
His art just inspires the event. Some may take a moment to remember our good friend, because Cornflakes died about two years ago.
However, he would not want us all to be sad – this event is about joy, laughing, and the original humor and creativity of OpenSim. You can take part without using any of his creations, and you do not need to have known Corn to be a part of the event.

What kind of events are going to happen in Cornflakes Week ?
Building competitions, dance parties, sims decorated with silliness, music concerts.

I want to see some Cornflakes Woodcock items and use them. Where can I get them ?
Look for
Wordfromthe Wise on Metropolis,
Virtual Christine on Craft World or Sanctuary or
Hylee Bekkers on Metropolis.
Some restrictions may apply.

How can I find out what's going on? How can I let people know about my event ?
Anyone can add an event.
It doesn't matter if two events are happening at the same time.
Just post your event in one or all the following places

G+ Event

Event page on Facebook

So let us get silly for a week.

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  2. Back in the days, Cornflakes and I where good friends on the osgrid. When i moved to Metropolis he wanted to move there as well and gave me his Sandbox Region to load it for him on my simulators in Metropolis. But before he started to build, he passed away. His Stepson contacted me via Facebook, and told me about his death. The only good thing about this is, that all his beautyful objects - and in this case - a whole Region full of Joy did not vanished when his creator left Earth and departed to (Builders) heaven. If you want to see his Region on the Metropolis Grid search for Cornflakes-Tribute in the Map (when in Metropolis) or use hypergrid.org:8002:Cornflakes-Tribute in the Map search when you are not on the Metropolis Grid and want to Hypergrid to that Region .. !! CU there ..