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Education: Nova Portage

Remember on my last post about the steam engine on the "Allegheny" region on NOVA on the VIBE Grid and my remark, that I liked the wagon types. Actually those wagons are sectional canal boats which were pulled up a slope.
Should have walked through the engine house earlier than I would have known. Two boards in the back of the front of the engine house will inform about it.

Walking down the slope I reached Portage. At the edge of the region you will walk underneath a bridge which gives the Turnpike Road a crossing over the rails. For more info you can read on an information board.

At the end of the slope the rails will reach into the water to get the flat bed wagons under the boat sections.

A board and a rope pile (containing a NC) close to the channel will inform about the village of Portage, PA. Unfortunately only a few resources could be taken in account to rebuild the virtual location.

Getting into the village a photo will show the old Portage and the channel.
A few of the houses are reconstructed behind the board.

A few steps away, you can see the works on a pumpstation to get the boats from one waterlevel to the next higher or lower. (Click on the gates !)

You also receive an impression how horses and mules towed the not motorized channel boats.

A few houses show the live and build up area alongside the channel.

Another boards shows an old drawing about  Portage Village and the Mansion House which is rebuilt here.

Walking from the Mansion House to the back in eastern direction, there are a bunch of picture boards with more info about the village. Why those board resizeable, when being clicked, I do not know.

There is more to be seen like info about the Common School System at that time or other buildings of interest but I want it up to you to explore Portage Village on the VIBE Grid on NOVA.
With this post I will leave Portage and will show you the last area "Altun Ha". But be patient this will come soon.

VIBE Grid, Region Portage

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