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Arriving at the "PSSMG Mall" you materialize right in the middle of the region on a little island with four bridges reaching in the four points of the compass. The region itself has a touch of medieval.

With the intention to surround the region clockwise I started my expedition at the windmill .

The windmill is a shop "Vivi's Jewelry Mill" where the Ladies can find finger rings, necklaces and other jewelery for their delight.

The adjacent building is the "Taverne". One can copy take a small collection of food and beverages and four different covered tables. On ground level is a medieval taproom.

I left the "Taverne" to the next place: "Eiskaffee Tudor" which is just a place to have a rest.

The next building on my journey is the "Ballroom" with four gowns and two tuxedos to select from.

The steampunk airship in the back of the building invites for a dance.

Next in line is a bigger house with "Damen Kleidung" "Women's Clothing", with a wide variety of what it says.

Neighbored to that you'll find the corresponding for the Gents "Herren Kleidung" "Men's Clothing". As usual not as big as for the women but still a nice collection ;-)

The next barn offers a few items: boots and furniture. Somehow a funny mixtur.

After passing an empty building, the next one does not contain much, a few eyes and Lego doll avatars in different colors, some shapes and skins without any preview how you will look like when attaching.
On the upper level of the building the offers on hairs for both genders are worth a look.

Another mix of things like fountains, a tent and some other items are 'on copy take sale' in the neighbored building

A very big collection of textures of all kinds can be bought for zero in the next bigger building. Beside that you'll find a texture sorter (vendor), a variety of different houses tudor style, gravel, mexican style, alpine or Tiki Beach

The last building is an almost empty shoe shop but you find a few court shoes on the upper floor

This is the last building on the round trip of the "PSSMG Mall". There is just one thing left to mention. An unpack area (rezz area) is located just in front of the windmill to rezz your booty

"PSSMG Mall" built by Vivienne and Victor Clary is a good visit if on shopping tour, even though some assemblies of goods in the houses are a bit funny.

hypergrid.org:8002:PSSMG Mall

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