Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

Shopping: Craft-World Craft-Store

A nice shopping area on the "Craft-World" Grid is the "Craft-Store". A modern building presents a variety of goods of all kinds. Me being a resident of a foreign grid I tested the shopping on a few items and it worked for me.

I made my way through the store in a clockwise direction and on the left to the entrance the first section is for women. You'll find a great selection of clothings for every occasion, different female AO's, jewelery, hairs and shoes, you name it.

Leaving the Women's Fashion section to the back, miscellaneous items are on offer: houses, music instruments, cars, furniture.

The entire right side of the building is reserved for Men's Fashion. As for the Ladies you find a great selection of clothings, accessories, shoes, hairs, eyes, skins and shapes.

If you are into a new look for your Avatar, "Craft-Store" is a recommendation.

Craft-World Region Craft-Store

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