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Interview: Crystal Brewton. Owner of Independently Spoken

'"Independently Spoken" is a place for artists of all kinds - writers, sculptors, painters - whatever form your art takes.  Free store with office/apartment above!  Contact Crystal Brewton, The Indie Author Extraordinaire.'

That is what one reads in the regions profile when visiting the region "Independently Spoken" on the Grid METROPOLIS . This float my boat. Fortunately the owner of the region, Crystal Brewton, was on board and I had the opportunity to ask a few questions and so to kill my curiosity.

Hello Crystal, I like to publish an interview about you as a person and the "Independently Spoken" region. 

You are most welcome. This ought to be interesting!

As always my first question is, can you tell our readers a bit how it all began in virtual worlds and your virtual history to the point of arriving in METROPOLIS ?

WOW! You don't want much do you? Go get a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable.Ready? Good.......
I read about Second Life in the "Chicago Tribune".
Honestly I don't remember which year it was except that SL was around 2 years old and deserted back then.
Pre sculpties, never mind mesh.
By 2012 I was done with SL … it had become a capitalist sewer system that made me physically ill in real life.
I started looking for alternatives and found InWorldz .. that got boring after about 6 weeks so I left again … I'd found out about OpenSim and wanted to give it a try.
My first attempts to hook my regions up to a grid was with OSGrid. What a NIGHTMARE! They talked down to me and everyone else who didn't speak 'Geek' fluently.
I was so traumatized, I was in tears and gave up trying to get a region for about 6 months. When I did it, I did it with no help from anyone at OSGrid but using their space.
That worked until what I have come to call “The Great Metropolis Migration” when the folks at OSGrid lost their collective minds, effectively called anyone who had worn a child avatar a child molestor.
I saw the writing on the wall and left, but they banned me anyway because I spoke my mind on G+. To this day I refuse to support OSGrid in any way, shape or form, as they have never apologized for their behavior in any public way. They even let it look like they reopened HG to METROPOLIS after blocking the entire grid, but the truth was, it was an accident after METROPOLIS upgraded. Anyway, METROPOLIS Metaversum welcomed me with open arms, helped me whenever I needed it (which was almost daily at first) and in the end, gained enough of my trust that I now pay to rent from them directly.

Reading the profile of the region "Independently Spoken" it says:" Independently Spoken" is a place for artists of all kinds writers, sculptors, painters - whatever form your art takes. Can you specify the meaning of that ?

Well, the definition of “art” is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.  That, in my opinion, includes writers, sculpters, painters, fashion designers, archeticts, … whatever!

Would you have the kindness and tell us, who the person Crystal Brewton "The Indie Author Extraordinaire" is ?

I was born a poor child in Illinois …. oh wait!  That was Abraham Lincoln.
I was born a poor black child in Chicago, Illinois back in 1968.
My life was far from perfect, but it molded me into who I am today. Gotta find that silver lining no matter what!
I started writing seriously around 12 or 13 or so.; Personaly I thought it sucks, but that's how I am about my own work sometimes.  I didn't consider publishing until around 2000.; Then I got the guts to send to some “brick and mortar” publisher I can't even remember the name of today. I got a reply back saying they wanted to publish my book …. after I “straightened out” the main characters, who were homosexual.
That offended me on several levels and my editor at the time suggested I tell them to go to Hell and publish myself.; And so …. the “Indie Author Extraordinaire” was born!
I have over 25 books published .. the vast majority of which are now available (as of November 2013) as “donationware”, which means that the books are free and, if the reader likes and can afford to pay, they can via a donation. And that's me.
Oh, and I have 3 kids (great depending on the day as two are teenagers ….) and 2 great cats (had to have one put down a little bit ago).; And I live in California USA.

If I got it right "Independently Spoken" is a "feature" to support real artist in a virtual environment. Do you have any connections to real existing independent organizations ?

Nope. It would be up to the individual artist to pimp themselves and link from "Independently Spoken" to the real world.

Can you name a few artist who are to be found here ?

We have
Virtual Christine   (,
Vanish Sands   (,
Minethere Always   (,
Dings Digital, burnt plaid
and our latest addition is
Freda Frostbite

How do you see the advantage for an artist to settle here in the "free" virtual world and in particular on this region in METROPOLIS ?

Besides it being “free”?
In this day and age every Cent and Euro or whatever currency you use counts.  "Independently Spoken" offers a place to give the public an idea of what you can do, be you, trying to just show off your talents or trying to show off your talents AND make some money in the process.
METROPOLIS is the place because they don't judge or get all sanctimonious on people, what I have experienced on other grids in the last couple years.

Is there any way for us "ordinary" people to support the Project "Independently Spoken" ?
(Ordinary is not to read negatively but more like people not being artists but still interested in art and more on the side being an audience).

Sure!  Spread the word to any artist you know … and if you can and feel like it donate money .... every Euro counts!!

I have read in G+ about a regular "come together" on Sundays and only there. It is called "Kaffeeklatsch - Coffee Clutch".
I am not sure many know about this.
Could you tell what this is about and who can and how to participate ?

The Coffee Clutch is a completely casual time to be had by coming onto the region and using voice (although we may switch to using Google Hangouts in the future).  If voice doesn't do it for you, we can type.  Communication is communication.  It is English language, for the record, but your English doesn't have to be good.

What else happens on "Independently Spoken" ?

In the NorthEast corner of the region is the "African-Dash Museum", which is dedicated to the history of many West Africans who were taken from their lands and now scattered all over the globe as African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Canadians, and Afro-Europeans and others. It's my ongoing pet project and isn't complete.
It may never be.

Can we look forward to a new story project of the author Crystal Brewton ?

Nope. I'm retired so … anything I come up with, I'll let people know.
It will be donationware, so very affordable!

Any future plans for the region "Independently Spoken" ?

Don't tempt me. I have a prim limit :-P!

Thank you Crystal for this informative talk.

No problem! I had a blast!

(Addition by the editor:
The books of Crystal Brewten are available at:

Interviewpartner: Crystal Brewten
For "The Hyperzette": zaphod Enoch

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