Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Art: 6 Worlds in 1

One of the most active artist in experimental art is no doubt Wordfromthe Wise. Beside a few other regions in METROPOLIS, which "The Hyperzette" will introduce in the future, the first I considered to visit was "6 Worlds in 1".

The above picture shows what one will see from the outside of the six worlds. Just boxes and spheres. But it is not the outside which is of interest, the contents of the boxes are the interesting, exciting and funny parts of this region. It is hard to describe what one will be encountered when traveling the worlds but it is amazing to see what one can do with textures and particles.

To travel the worlds you have to click the green and red arrows which are to be found in each of the worlds but one.
That one is a special:
If you arrived there you will land on a invisible platform and to move around one has to fly. You will find no arrows anymore. If you want to leave this world just stop flying. I will not tell you the world this will happen, you will find out. Now I will give some impressions from what you will see. Many things are in movement and will not show their excitment in the picture.

It's fun to let the time flow in the "6 Worlds in 1" created by an imaginative Wordfromthe Wise.

METROPOLIS Region 6 Worlds in 1 Worlds in 1

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