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Destination and Art: ParcDesArts Part 1

The landing point is a blue circle at "ParcDesArts" owned by katia ParcDesArts (or is it vice versa ?). If I got it right from the profile "ParcDesArts" ( "Parc of Arts") is a place for the "ParcDesArts Association" for exhibitions, conferences, events and to engage in Art & Culture and New Technologies of Information and Communication.

The place is spread over three regions ParcDesArts and ParcDesArts1 and 2 and its neighbored regions called "SIDAexpo" and "ieko", latter a Gallerie of Art by ieko catnap.
The area is so complex that I will concentrate my review on a part of ParcDesArts for now.

As said at the beginning teleporting to ParcDesArt one will arrive at a blue platform from where the journey of discovery can start. A three dimensional map may help on this task, just I asked myself why it was upside down from the platform side. Beside that a red signpost may help for navigation.
That's not me there ;-)

Cause I had no specific destination in mind I turned my way to the nearest building. I passed a few very nice, I guess etchings, made by Julien Schuster before I stand in front of the "Virtual Office of the Association ParcDesArts"

At the entrance you have the choice to get all kinds of information, URL's and LM's. Unfortunately in most cases the info is only in French. :(

In the back of the building one find a photo gallery of the members of the association. To find out who is who you have to click the photos while in the building menu and you find the names in the description. Just for the interested or curious nature :-)

In one of the corners you'll find some painter's utensils one can copy take.
Because of the bigger seating area I guess this building is used as a conference and meeting place. So I wandered to the next building, still on the search for art.
This next one was a big building build in ancient roman architecture. On the outside walls of the basement you will see paintings and on the inside more engravings made by Julien Schuster entirely. I had the impression that at the time now this gallery holds an exhibition of the artists Julien Schuster. Unfortunately I could not find any information about the exhibition, as if it is only temporary or a fixed installation, neither any info about the artist himself but a picture.
But nevertheless the paintings and engravings are pretty and so I want to give a few impressions of what you can see:
Etching,Paintings and Engravings by Julien Schuster

The Artist himself
The upper floor does not have anymore paintings but a beautiful sculpt of "Don Quichotte" made by Ub Yifu after the famous painting of Pablo Picasso.

This is the first part of my review about the "ParcDesArts" complex. More to come

FrancoGrid Region ParcDesArts

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