Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Shopping: METROPOLIS La Baronnie

"La Baronnie" is a modern shopping mall in the METROPOLIS Grid owned by Taarna Welles.

The first shop in the Northwestern corner of the region offers a collection of shoes, boots, sneakers for both genders and some more stylish pumps for the ladies.

The neighbored shop has jewelry for her and glasses for her and him.

In the next building one can find a few single dances made by nomasha and gifted to the OS community.

On the opposite side the first shop "sells" modern furniture, games like Ludo, Greedy and Yatz and a Couple Dance Ball made by Frank

Next comes an empty store before you enter the last shop called "Meshed UP". Here one may purchase different clothing items in mesh quality for both the female and the male.

"La Baronnie" not a big but an exclusive collection on items.

METROPOLIS Region La Baronnie Baronnie

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