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Destination: Handelsstadt Hohenburg "Duesterwald"

On June 9th "The Hyperzette" introduced the roleplay "Handelsstadt Hohenburg". I thought it would be a good idea to give some impressions of each of the 9 regions. I will start at the southeastern corner at "Duesterwald" and make my way up to the northwestern corner "Hochtal".
For this post I will describe the region "Duesterwald".

When I teleported to "Duesterwald" I arrived at an old Thingstead. This is an ancient Germanic meeting point to hold assemblies and to arraign. Next to it is a wood shack where some peculiar green liquid is cooking over an open fire.

All this is located on an island and  to get to the mainland you can use a rowboat laying aside a jetty. I tried the boat but unfortunately it did not work even though clicking on the blue turning green button next beside it. By the way , don't forget to set your sound volume.

Because the boat did not like me, I had to get to the other side somehow. The problem is flying is not allowed and a seamonster patrols the water.

The only way to the other side was a short teleport. I landed safe on the other jetty and along goes my way further North. I decided not to take the path along the coast but to go straight Northwest into the woods. The first house at the edge of a small village came in sight. From the sign at the wall it looks like a winery and for sure is one of the professions or trades one can simulate in the roleplay of "Hohenburg".
And yes in the back of the house one can find a small vineyard in the shadows of the trees ! Do the grapes do not need the sun for growing ?  Well this liquor might carry the name: "Saures Duestertröpchen" ( "Sour Murky Bead" )

From the winery I took the cobblestone road into the town and entered the village of "Baerenfels" which will be a story for the next posting.

METROPOLIS Region Duesterwald

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