Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Destination: Wasserbunde

From "Eollas" I went westwards to "Wasserbunde" on the Grid Ignis Fatuus. Most of the region is just landscape scenery with steep needle like coastal mountains, sky hoovering rocks and impressive waterfalls from those skyrocks to the ground or into the sea.

My first interest was for those skyrocks which I counted four, where one is as big to hold a stonebuild tower and the others are planted.  My aim was the second biggest and closest to "Eollas".
A tree, some grasses, a well, a pausing crested ibis and a viewing platform is all you will find on the rock. But the view from the platform is grandiose, provided that your draw distance is set high.

Next stop was the biggest of the skyrocks with the tower on it. And that is the one where all those grand waterfalls start from. The inside of the tower is empty and the place is surrounded by a wall guarded by sad angel sculptures.

The Steampunk air ship which hoovered a few meters underneath the skyrock was the next in line of my visits.
The ship was anchored with a long chain somewhere down at the ground. Only the upper deck is walkable and there is no way to the inside.

After this inspection I decided to get back to the ground. Jumping from the airship I found myself in the middle of a wood. The ground was quite hilly and the way sweaty for the avatar. A short flight up brought me close to a hoovering air gazebo which I haven't seen before.

And somewhere on my walk I found those three graceful ladies

And that was the place where I took a little rest to get new strength for the next region "Hylden"
So next time I will report from there. Up to then, go ahead and plan a trip to "Wasserbunde" you may find me there, relaxing and smoking a hookah ;-)

Ignis-Fatuus Region Wasserbunde

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