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Portrait: Avia Bonne

A few days ago the "Hyperzette" published a review about the region "DutchMountains". During the visit I talked to Avia Bonne, owner and builder of the region. And here is the interview with her.

My first question as ever, when did the virtual world hit your life and where ?

I started in SL after my boyfriend pointed me to it, while I was working on creations in Poser for a couple of years. But I was prejudiced and thought SL was a game ;-)
He explained me that my creations, which I only used  for making postcards that time, should be shared and at the same time I could learn more about creating 3D in a virtual world.
I was very eager to work online with other creators, to go to a virtual school (TUI) and meet other 3D creators.
Being curious as I am, I entered SL and got immediately rid of that prejudice.
I think it was in 2007. When exploring the grid, I bought me a plot , went to TUI academy and started creating and selling stuff at the marketplace there.

Can you tell the readers about your way into the OSGrid and why ?

After two years of exploring, learning, creating and meeting other creators, I heard about Open Sims.
I was attracted by the idea to enter a total different area to work at and express myself without prim limits.
When I started in OSG at 2009 the first thing I saw was a bunch of creative, progressive people working hard to make it an attractive and interesting place to be. But most of them worked alone on their own spots and there was no cooperation among each other like there is nowadays.
I also noticed the poor visual presence, we all looked like Ruth, and that time sharing stuff was only possible among friends.
So you had to figure it out yourself, which was a great learning, tho. I have learned more and faster in OSG then those two years in SL. But freebieshops? It just wasn't present yet.
That gave me the idea to work on the visual part, to share it with everyone here to have a better visual presence as a grid.
I didn't know how yet, because in SL I only had learned to build houses and furnitures, which I also started to do here, but it was all quiet new to me back then. So I started to practice Gimp, and quickly learned how to make fashion.
That's how the idea for "Avia Dezigns" started and my shops arrived.
But because I feel quickly bored with only creating fashion I started to make a diversity of objects in any style my mind forced me too, Steampunk, Modern style, Slums, Spanish style, you name it,it's there..

Are you still present in other grids than OSGrid ?

As far as I know my freebies are in any grid avalaible, as I noticed shop owners come over to collect my creations to share them in their shops, which I think is fine.
It should be available for everyone and sharing is the thought behind.
Second, I also have given away some free OARs to share with any grid who like to use them.
So not me, but my freebies are in other grids ;-)
But if asked, I always will come over to help or to see what others make, just because it has my interest.

In your profile you describe yourself as a steampunk builder. Can you describe that a little bit closer ?

Steampunk is my addiction, I feel very attached with that style, it is just my biggest love in building stuff.
You should see Steampunk as a sub-genre of Science Fiction that typically features steam-powered machineries using lots of old textures, rust and gears.
It is a subculture of the Western civilization during the 19th century, but it's still exists among followers, especially in the UK and Germany.
It has my full passion and if I were forced to choose only one style, I would work on this one, because I haven't experienced the creative limits in it, yet ;-)
But I also understand not all members of the grids want to have Steampunk stuff, so therefore I also make more "common"stuff to provide them as well.

Do you "sell" your goodies only on "DutchMountains" or there other places you offer your products ?

"Sell" is a good word for discussion, because I don't sell in Open Sim, although you can "buy" my freebies, but I prefer to give it all away  ;-)
I understand it is quite confusing for people if we keep on talking about selling which isn't selling at all.
"DutchMountains" in OSgrid is where my Megastore is placed and is updated regularly and has the latest freebies.
I also have other, smaller stores in OSgrid, for example at "Festa24H", "CommonWealth" and "German Plaza".
METROPOLIS Grid has also a region of mine, which I gave them as a gift, and where my stores are as well. That region is called "The Neverhood", an old slumcity I build 4 years ago in METROPOLIS, and the freebies there are oldies but still nice and usefull, but I don't update it. You should see that one as a collecters item ;-)
I have offered the Metaverse 3 freebie OARs which are "The Neverhood (Slumcity)", "Tomb Raider ( an idea after the Movie)" and "Medieval city ( Medieval Mesh stuff)", which is all available at the webpage of Minethere Always, who was so kind to add them there.
Next to that I can imagine more shop owners have my freebies in their shops, but I can't check that all, and for me it is ok as long as they keep my name as creator on the boxes ;-)

How and where do you get your ideas for the things you design ?

I am very visual, so I see a lot everywhere, (too much to be honest)
Mostly in RL at work, in the streets, shops, museums, neighbourhoods, holidays, talking to people, other artists I speak with, it all inspires me. But also people here inworld, if I talk to them I soon get an idea to work on.
I can be quiet hyper at that, so sometimes I am tired of thinking about things I want to make and can't really coop with all I discovered.  It even wakes me up at sleepz lol.
So I store them, but same time I have the experience that my ideas are faster running then I can coop with.

Looking at the variety of your creations it seems you build all kind of everything. What do you like the most to create ?

Although people know me for my fashions, I really prefer to build Steampunk stuff, like silly things which you can use and which have an artistic presence.
But to stay close with my members who don't always want to look weird or silly, I still make "common "stuff as well. And second I do like to try new stuff like Mesh andso.

Looking at the I-Mesh Mall you offer furniture which does not really cover steampunk. Is that a new product line coming from "Avia Dezigns"?

Indeed, but I am not the person to create only one style, that would be boring ;-)
I prefer to try-out everything I see and like and that also give me the freedom to work with and on other styles.
Mesh is very populair in every grid, and I just wanted to supply the need of the people here with good quality Mesh stuff.
Let me be clear, I didn't make the Mesh, I just imported it from 3D websites, where you can take it for free, so all the credits goes to those creators who set them there for free to use. My thoughts behind it was to get it inside the grid, to share with everyone who want to use it.
And yes, some stuff I edit, or recreate it in another object, but still, I can't mesh at all.
The only thing I am good at with Mesh is importing it here and use them for other creations, like I also do with sculpts;-)

"DutchMountains" is that your only region and is it reachable 7/24?

In OSGrid yes, but I am working on a second region next to it called "SteampunkZ".
That one is not opened yet, because I am still working on it. It will have a total new freebiestore with lots of goodies for free, in Steampunkstyle.
The region is still closed for members, because otherwise people already popping in and they see the half of what will be presented and would feel like watching an unfinished painting. I hope people will understand that. It will be open for everyone in a couple of weeks ;-)
Second, "The Neverhood" region is 24/7 available in METROPOLIS Grid, but as I said before it is an collecters item with lots of oldies, but still it has nice stuff for everyone.

What can we expect in the future from Avia Bonne ?

I really have no clue ;-)
My ideas just pop-up like that and it still surprises me I have new ideas everytime.
If I suffer buildersblock, which I have sometimes, I go help others on their regions/grids.
Of course I will keep developing Steampunk Stuff and new fashions, and if I see cool Mesh I will sure get it in here available for everyone.
At the momemt I am working on my new region "SteampunkZ" and a bunch of weird skins, and they look great so far. They will be presented in the new region soon.
But what's next? Who knows? I just follow my thoughts ;-)

Thank you Avia for this interview and the "Hyperzette" wishes you a lot of ideas for the future

Interview partner: Avia Bonne
For the Hyperzette: zaphod Enoch

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  1. One correction; my regions are 24/7 online in OSgrid, not in Metropolis grid ;-)

  2. Hi, I love it you showcase so much good talent in the free Meta. And, yes, I do have some of her OARs I distribute with her permission, here;

    I do not have "The Neverhood", so perhaps she wants to give it to me to distribute also, I will ask her in g+ next.

    But you can see the ones I do have there, as well as some I created myself, using other people's content, mostly, with their full permissions, of course.

    I no longer create any free OARs myself.