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Shopping: Atlantis

"Atlantis" is a shopping mall on the Grid "Anettes-Welt" owned and managed by Anette Hummel. The mall did already exist on another Grid, before moving back to its new home on "Anette's Welt".

With the move the mall starts a reconstruction and new shops and shop owner are filling the stores. And its is already worth to have a review about the selection, one will find there.

So we see
Anette's shop, selling graphics and animated gifs of general and seasonal themes.

Next beside, Avia Bonne opened her collection of "Avia Dezign".
Crazy, Funny, Steampunk, and a bit of clothing.

In the direct neighborhood Manfred Aabye and "Manni's Creationen" with houses, buildings and constructions.

A few steps further in a corner shop one will find Patch Ferber and a selection of her fine furnitures of "Wickenshire Old World".

To have a rest from shopping or just window-shopping, have drinks and food at Imbiss Atlantis.

And after the refreshing time you might like to shop at "Avatastics". zaphod Enoch's offering of the Francogrid Fest d'Avi Avatars and Cherry Manga's creations. With kindly permissions by the designers.

Next in line are three shops of Klarabella Karamell with clothing, furniture and plants at "Klar!a"

A few ateps away and Anette Hummel offers her breedable "Lazy Cockas". And yes breedables work in OS.

Mattie McBride is to be found with the store "Commonwealth Fine Furniture" right in the bigger corner store.

And Mattie offers the needed decorative potted plants in her other store "Commonwealth Garden".

Who knows Hylee Bekkers, know about her odd, funny and strange stuff she puts on sale. And for the ones not knowing come and see at "Made by Hylee".

More to come and/or under construction. At the moment of writing this report, Oddball Otoole just moving in. For creators who are interested to have a shop on Atlantis region on Anettes-Welt Grid, be quick and get in contact with Anette Hummel.

Anette's Welt Grid, Region Atlantis

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