Montag, 24. November 2014

Destination and Art: Alice in Wonderland

Here I am in a height of 825 m (ahem, 826 m to be exactly) above sea level and all I can see are three open books in different sizes and an old dead tree in the middle of a hilly green scenery.

Examining the tree a bit closer, one can see a little dressed rabbit just trying to jump in a hole at the trees bottom. With his pocket watch in his hands, it looks like he is afraid to come to late to a tea party.

As the books show three sceneries and the rabbit jumping in the hole, I ask myself what I should do first. After admiring the fantastic three dimensional build of the pictures for a while, I figured that the only way further is the tree and following the hare into the hole.
And true.........down it goes.

Landing in a room with Alice (not the one next door but the one) in Wonderland.

And of course the rabbit I have seen above is the "March Hare".
Alice is standing at a table on which one can see a key and a bottle with a liquid. On the floor a plate with a cake is set. And the wall of the round room is decorated with different kind of doors.

And here we are where the story starts.
A story you may ask ? Yes, I will answer, but I will not tell about it. You have to find out by yourself. I am the "Madpen" in this story and just give a bit of impressive pixelations. For you to see the same, its a matter of Click.

Unfortunately the "Madhatter" comes along and stops me to make any more photos. And he told me the following:
"Dear Mr. Madpen, it is nice to have you visiting the region "Alice in Wonderland" and to report about it. But please don't show it all, cause we want visitors to live this storytelling. My master craftswoman Cherry Manga spend a lot of time and effort in this region. And she wants that all people come here and experience it"
I just nodded with the words "Of course, Sir".

Alice in Wonderland is a region made by Cherry Manga on the FrancoGrid and it's a masterpiece.
Tipping my hat to Cherry.

Francogrid, Region Alice in Wonderland

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