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Destination & Shopping: Winter Market

Yes, it is true, only 49 days and the rest of today to go and Christmas is knocking at the doors. And it is time to decorate the regions in a white cover of pixelsnow and to change the water surfaces of the lakes to "not phantom".
The "Hyperzette" is trying to find the Winter- and Christmas regions within the hyperverse and to review those. You may help me to report such regions to the "Hyperzette" if you know about or be owner of one you want to have presented.
The first one I found is the "Winter Market" on the Dutch Grid "Simvalley" managed by John Silver.

The region shows a winter scenery with houses decorated for Christmas.

Most of the houses are little small stores with all kinds of Christmas and Winter items to copy/take away.

But one will find others than that, like winter clothing for both genders, a nice selection of women's hair or male skins, just to name a few.

In the middle of the shopping area there is a skating area for your entertainment and a small wooden market booth aside the area will give the fitting "Schaatsen" for her or him.

There is a skating tour with houses aside and a small stand in front named "Stempelpost". Well it is not a whole house but its front and looks like a prominent house from the labeled location or village like "Franeker" or "Harlinger" for example, but I do not have a glue, what it is all about and it might be, that this track is still in the build up phase.

And if you feel hungry and or thirsty from the shopping or the sporty activities, one will find two stands with "Oliebollen and Wafelen", doughnuts and wafers and muffins and Glühwein

As far as I could see, there are still some market stands vacant. So maybe they are to let, just get in touch with John Silver, I am sure he will tell you about it.

Simvalley Region SV-034 (Winter Market)

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