Samstag, 29. November 2014

Destination: Continent Christmas Way

A Christmas Market I found on the "Franco Grid" is the "Continent_Christmas-Way" build up by Freddy Wright

The landing place is on the platform of the Polar Express on the train station of Bakersville as it was in 1900.

Here you can find the way directly to the market of the village square or take the road through the village.

Market boothes with seasonal items surround an open air ice skating rink.

From the market I took a walk though the roads of the village which is a nice work with quite some atmosphere. For the lover of historical cars you will find some good ones in the streets free to copy and take.

Unfortunately most of the shops and houses are empty. which really is a shame for this well build environment. Maybe the one or another creator or trades(wo)men is looking for a nice place to offer their goodies. I think you should get in contact with Freddy Wright. I am sure he loves to have some live in the streets of Bakerville and that not only during the time of Christmas.

Franco Grid, Region Continent Christmas Way

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