Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Destination and Art: san22

Sometimes it is really difficult to get to a place of interest and it takes a few attempts to get to the objects of desires. So it was with the region "san22" on the PMGrid owned by Thirza Ember and build by Fushia Nightfire.

I arrived on the region in the mouth reach of a giant metallic spider and hurried up to get out of it, the fastest i could get.

Before I went to the "Ghost Castle" in the middle of the region, I checked on a "Fuschia's Gallery". A pink glass building. Only the basement contains a few outfits made by Fushia Nightfire which are really something special.

The grey concrete building next beside the gallery show digital art and a few virtual sculptures made by Fuschia

Talking about sculptures, there are more spread over the region, like the "Fighting Stallions"

or the "First Embrace"

There are more; come and see ;-)
A very impressive installation is the Ghost castle which looks like

in clear weather conditions from a distance and

in orac fog windlight setting.
But if you come closer to it, it will change its silhouette to

For a better view and for more details, the "Hyperzette" recommends a visit at "san22".

PMGrid Region san22
( If all attemps teleporting to "san22" via map fail, use the "Weltraumbahnhof" at Spike Sol's Grid "Soloton" and use the gate on the middle platform saying "san22". To reach the "Weltraumbahnhof" use the following address:

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