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Destination: Blue Dream

"Blue Dream" is a region within the complex of the Selea's World Grid and mainly a showcase of the items Selea Core offers as freebies.

One is landing on a pier of a little marina with a sailing boat and a yacht laying aside. One of the three boards on the pier will hand you a bunch of notecards, when touched, explaining how the different scenes will work for you.

Passing a fountain at the end of the pier, one enters a fully furnished house. Inside one will find a working home control center in the living room. Different buttons to control doors, fireplaces, lights and windows remotely. A nice toy to play with. What else you can play with in the house and at the pool, which belongs to the house, is written in the appropriate notecard.

Walking through the house looking for an exit to the garden, I saw those control panel in each of the rooms.
Back outside, my way took me to the Zen Garden Area. The Zen Garden is a typically asian sand garden with forked patterns and a Buddha statue. In front of the Buddha are three pillows where you can meditate. If you turn up the sounds you can hear some ambient tunes made by bamboo and other wooden instruments.

The next place to visit is the Pond. A natural water with water lilies on the surface and bulrushes on its shore. Different species of birds are swimming on the water or standing ashore. A swing bench invites for staying and if partnered for a cuddle.

Behind the Pond one will find the Sculptures Garden. A heart shaped small sculpture is a dance ball, where you can choose out of different couple dances. Or you can have a rest at the bean bag seats.

Feeling for a relaxing day at the beach, you will find the right place next beside the Sculptures Garden. You can try out the Bed Gazebo or the dining patio. Or you may try the sofa patio or the floating water seats or even the beach beds.

The last destination on the "Blue Dream" island on "Selea's World" is the Tennis Court.
Well, you won't find a playing tennis animation (who knows what is possible in the future) but other things you can try out.

"Blue Dream" is a nice relaxing place made by Selea Core with lots of things to play with. It's worth a visit when needing a rest from the stressful virtual building, partying, shopping and tattle ;-)

Selea's World Region Blue Dream
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