Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Destination: Terra Mater and the Red Riding Hood

It's foggy, it's stromy, it's raining and the sea is agitated. All in all it's not a comfortable place to land. But it is worthwhile to visit. I am talking about "Terra-Mater" (Mother Earth) a region on Franco Grid build by artist Cherry Manga.

The scenery on groundlevel is very depressive with the bad weather and the storm playing with a rudderless sailing vessel.

Even the lonesome fairy fighting the weather conditions is a sad sight.

In front of the ship one will find three teleporters. Two will give a slight idea where to go, while the red one keeps the secret of its destination. And of course the red one was my choice.

The environment you arrive at, does not really cheer you up. The weather calmed down, yes, but the location seems to be polluted to the max. Although it is again a fascinating installation by Cherry. And if you have a closer look, you notice to be in the forest of "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf".

Paper scrolls are spread all over the ground, but being written in French they will keep their secret for me.

Well, and if you look very close, you will find a very risque final scene of the fairy tale.

But see yourself.

Franco Grid Region Terra-Mater TP to Red Riding Hood

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  1. Kann es sein, das die Region nur zeitweilig da ist? Ich habs eben versucht und er findet sie auch in der Karte, kam aber von 3 Regionen aus nicht hin.. davon 2 in Dorenas World.