Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Destination: Ignis and Coorhagen

The Grid "Ignis Fatuus" proudly announces that the Grid is now running on a new server and on a 24/7 base. So one can visit the Grid all around the clock. And the server is a great improvement. Forget about the lag in former times and enjoy the world now.
With the new server, "Ignis Fatuus" installed a new default arrival region called "Ignis". Its just a little round plattform in the middle of the sea build up in the typical "Ignis Fatuus" manner.

The great help there is the map which shows all the 40 regions of "Ignis Fatuus", layed out as Teleporters to each of the shown regions. A big help for a traveller like me.

Max Hill, a member of the Ignis community, told me, that the new server already improved by having the HG Safari horde (in this case, horde is meant in a positive way ;-)) as guests. And we all know that the Safaristas are a many to count and resource eaters. Grins. But the server did not even take notice about it, in the meaning of performance restriction.
The address to "Ignis Fatuus" is kept the same, so no worries to change any LM.
But my aim for today is "Coorhagen" and using the new map, I teleport myself to that region.
Just a click and a few seconds later I find myself on "Coorhagen 128.127.28" position.

"Coorhagen" seems to be an area where a humanoid lizard species live.

The flora and the buildings as odd as the inhabitants

All over the place one can find yellow orange crystals reaching out of the meadow

One of the prominent buildings on "Coorhagen" is a round building which top ends in a tower. From this main building four arms reach out to four smaller towers at the end of the arms. But this is an architectural "no go". All gravity defiance the outer towers have no connection to the ground and only connected to the arms, which are bridges, too.

The lower level of the middle building is build like an old roman circus with nice texturing. And some nice looking cats strolling in the lower level of the room. Good to be on the roundwalk above the pets.

All over the area one finds smaller pavilions or gazebos, but my interest is a church like building on a smaller island, to be reached by a stone and wood bridge and an odd rock formation which reaches way up in the sky.

Using the bridge to get to the church, one will end up underneath it, in a cave system.

The church itself is build in a cross form with a big bell right in the middle inside the building. Nice painted glass windows in gothic architecture forming the walls.

In the sky over "Coorhagen" one finds a few of those skyrocks you can see above other regions, too, build up in different ways, some pure nature, some holding buildings.

Because the rock formation belongs to an adjacent region of "Coorhagen", I will keep that for a later story about "Ignis Fatuus". For now I will find myself a nice place for a rest and say "Au revoir".

Ignis Fatuus Region Coorhagen and Ignis

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