Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

Destination Artefactix (the missing part)

Back on "Ipsofacto" and "Artefactix", I told about the ship on the seashell island, which teleports you to an underwater world. This will be my first destination in the second part of the review about "Ipsofacto" Grid by French artist Prodyck Theas.
On the seashell island you will find a model of a ship, which will teleport you to an underwater location.

Down there, your Avatar will be reproduced in a sunken ship. A bit surreal is the existence of a sunken train on rails, next beside the ship. Also the interior of the ship wreck is of some surrealism.

If you walk behind the book of loneliness you will be teleported into a volcano caldera.

Reaching for the rope you climb up again to a platform almost at the top From there you have a good overview into the caldera and the hologram located in there.

From this platform you can reach the gallery of Prodyck. Click on the picture box, connected to a wooden square pillar.

If you have media allowed and switched on, vladimira Poutinov will welcome you as a piano solist in a concerto. (Well actually what you can hear and see on a screen in the floor is Rachmaninoff: Pianoconcerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova)

From the concerto I headed towards a blue screen to.....arrive in the gallery. Prodyck presents a lot of his impressionistic landscape oil paintings and some funstuff. I will just show an overview in the pictures. For the details on the exhibition, come along and have a look, Prodyck will be honoured to give a guided tour.

To get out again click on the tent model you will find in the gallery and you will arrive at the buffet in the bay I have described in the first part. From here I took a flight to "Aufferville", curious about what to see there.

Until then Au Revoir

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