Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Destination and Art: The Heresy of the Intimate

She is a poet. She wants you to participate and capture the feelings of the verses and dreams of her stories.

She says about herself, she is not a builder. But see yourself.

Where we are ?
"Heresy of the Intimate"

Turn up sounds, and set on midnight.

The odd title of her world was born in an on going prose story that she is writing and publishing as posts on "Digital Rabbit Hole" .The stories are called "The Colored Dreams"

Click to "The Colored Dreams"

'Then I look up...because he is speaking to me'

The Orange Dream ~ The Last Dream.

The Ship of White Dreams.

A Net of Eels - Click for the Whale Song.

A quiet place in the desert.

Eel and fish hatchery.

'Monument to the Colored Dreams'

Take a rest

Dive deeper than a fish

Relax in the Darkness of the Light

"I pick him up carefully and make my last promise'

Part Two Diary Entry #2


Karima Hoisan

Poet, Builder, Creator

Last word of the Hyperzette editor: Superior

Kitely Grid Region Heresy of the Intimate of the intimate

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