Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Entertainment: Yo! Game

One can say he is one of the Virtual World Gurus. Many of us benefit of his knowledge in scripting and building. And he shares his knowledge with us and his builds for free. I talk about the man behind the Website "Phaze Demsnes" (
Fred Beckhusen or Ferd Frederix his virtual alter ego.

Yesterday I reviewed his OSGrid region "Virunga Mountain" and told you about a secret you will find behind the rabbit hole you can find there. Well today I will tell you about it. Ferd realized a blender game in the OSGrid and created the "Yo! Game" based on
Yo Frankie! game .

When you step onto the rabbit hole you will get teleported immediately into the game and receive a Notecard with the rules:

Your goal is to collect acorns and get off the sim and onto the boat.   The lighthouse seems to be shut off, and the fog is keeping you from leaving.  Can you survive long enough to reach it and fix it?

Need Help?   

    Walk around.
    Step on acorns.
    Avoid obstacles and be wary of traps.
    Double tap the Arrow key to run! 


With this review I will give a few impressions but not a Walk Through. You have to figure this out by yourself. It's a lot of fun, I promise and you can spent quite a time to get through it. And flying is disabled.
Good luck in collecting the acorns and watch the Ramblers ;-)

Destination has moved to:
OSGrid Region Frankie
Search for the rabbit hole with the red arrow saying "Start here". It's close to your arrvial zone.
Attention: VarRegion !

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  1. Das ist ja mal klasse. Sieht echt stark aus. Danke Zap...

    Liebe Grüsse

  2. A mix between Arcada and a Adventure game, amazing work from Fred!