Samstag, 16. August 2014

Destination: Cenwen

One can cross the border from "Ustengrav" to "Cenwen" region dry feet but steep hills force to climb to get to the center of the region.

Either ancestors or early descendants of the Rapa Nui (Easter Island) must have lived in "Cenwen". All over the half round chain of hills you can see the large stone statues of the Moai. But none of them are having the top hat, which they had in ancient time.

In the valley, which is formed like a funnel and may remember to an old extinct volcano you can see an intact stone circle like the wellknown of Stonehenge in the U.K.

Right in the middle one finds a grey plate, similar to the ones I found in the "Ustengrav" temple. It gives you a menu with just one destination, the "Space Station". But no way to get it to work for me.

A bit disappointed I left the circle and went further Eastwards when I reached a few stone gates. A closer look showed that they are hypergates to different grids. According to the hovering text some have a very old verification date. I did not try any because I wanted to continue on my exploration tour on "Cenwen".

Before I left "Cenwen" to "Vendredi" in the South, a standing skeleton of a Stegosaurus caught my attention. It really must have died in such a sudden that it didn't find the time to fell aside ;-)

From that dead prehistoric remnants of a dinosaur my way continued Southward to the shores and the border of "Cenwen". Looks like I have to fly again or swim to get to "Vendredi".

Ignis Fatuus Region Cenwen

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