Samstag, 2. August 2014

Art and Destination: Insanity

 1. -  Go to Francogrid.
 2. - Go (don't fly) Eastwards.
 3. - Cross the region border to "Mer-FG-5". Be careful on the border crossing.
 4. - Walk to the middle of the region.
 5. - Ascent.
 6. - Don't care about the Black Box you see in 500 m. Continue ascending.
 7. - Don't care about the Sky Rock installation in approximately 900 m.
 8. - Continue ascending.
 9. - Take notice of the Black Box in 2000 m.
10. - Stop ascending.
11. - Fly carefully towards the Box.
12. - Cross the Region border to "LeVillage" region. Be careful on the border crossing.
13. - Enter the Box (Simply fly through it).............................................
14. - See and listen to


A considering art installation by Cherry Manga.
For further information "The Hyperzette" recommends and article by Thirza Ember in the
SL ArtsPark Blog:
Another incredible and astonishing work of Cherry Manga.

See beginning of article and
FrancoGrid Region levillage Francogrid (to begin the journey)

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  1. I have the "Insanity" avie that Cherry Manga gave several of us at her opening's pretty cool-)

    Also, in FS [I don't know about singularity] you can use chatbar commands to get you places quicker, in this case you can type gth 2050 to quickly go to 2050 meters. This allows you to be slightly above the installation so you can float down or fly around as if you use gth to exact positions sometimes you will miss it.