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Destination Hohenburg "Sturmbach"

Passing the windmill to the left and a sunflower field to the right on the road from "Brachtann", one will reach "Sturmbach" on the "Hohenburg RP".

The first house at a fork is a charcoal burning.

Looks like "Sturmbach" is the settlement for the more upper class people in the RP, cause at the eastern border I found two noble houses.

Beyond the bridge "Sonnental" region begins and so I turned back to see more of "Sturmbach". Actually the two noble houses are already on the "Sonnental" area. Around a corner after the charcoal burning a few more houses appeared and showed me that I was wrong assuming "Sturmbach" is the region of the noblesse.
One of the houses offers the profession of a blacksmith,

while the other is a smelting with an oremine next beside.

The road took me further and I reached a hamp plantation. Well maybe a good job for an economist who likes a good smoke. Nevermind.

From here "Sturmbach" opened to a little village, with a lot more professions one can take in the RP of "Hohenburg". As there are:
A cider maker

A farmer

A weaver

A carpenter

A stonemason 

After the inspection of the village "Sturmbach" I followed the road to "Hochtal" but before I reached the region, there is another building for the lumberjacks

In the forest on the other side of the road is a place where the gypsies live.

Next destination "Hochtal"

Metropolis Region Sturmbach

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