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Art and Destination: Phantasmagoria

A grey square concrete building in the look of an old bunker appears next to you when you teleport to "Pantasmagoria" on the Kitely Grid. The building won't fit hardly ever in the scenery, or will it yet still ?

The artist Spiral Silverstar has build a world of art, of fantasy, of surrealism, of standstill and movement. Whereas the big grey building is a piece of dead rock in the otherwise colorful lively world, it contains living pictures. Outstanding hypnotizing, tranquilizing pictures. The picture you will see here is just a still due to the nature of a photo. Standing in front you see that it is all in movement. And there are more like that.

Beside those moving pictures you can see fractal still pics in "The Spiral Art Gallery". Looks like Benoît B. Mandelbrot and his mathematical set has helped on some of the picture developments ;-)

Beside the grey art gallery another eyecatcher are the four "Needle Pin Mountains" with giant turning wind wings on top

Walking over the region one will see a lot of different things, funny, worth considering, astonishing, exciting.........

Being a devotee of surrealistic art, Spiral set up an exhibition of paintings made by the masters of surrealism in the Northeastern Corner of the region.

Another attraction is a big moon hovering above the region, carried by a hand.

This moon contains a secret which you will find out when going back to the art gallery building. There you will find a teleport board with four different destination to teleport to.

One of the buttons will bring you into the moon and the others......................
Just try by yourself when visiting "Phantasmagoria" by Spiral Silverstar on Kitely Grid. And don't miss the underground section. The entrance to it is close to the crystal mountains ;-)

A fractal surrealistic masterpiece by a great artist.
The "Hyperzette" had the chance to talk to Spiral Silverstar and ask him a few questions about his region and his other talents. Stay curious on the interview.

Kitely Grid Region Phantasmagoria

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