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Destination Hohenburg "Donnerpass"

Part of the regions border between "Handelsstadt" and "Donnerpass" crosses the middle of the village. So the first building on "Donnerpass" is the shipyard of the village "Hohenburg Handelsstadt".

But "Donnerpass" is mainly an island at the Western edge of the "Hohenburg" region complex.

Another building on the mainland part of "Donnerpass" is the harbour tower at the end of the quay. I guess it is build for the harbour master but no indication is given if this profession is even available.

The island itself seems not being populated. The scenery is charming with waterfalls, a smaller forest and it's worth to dive a bit in the western waters. The western hilly part does not show any planting but low grass or sheer rock.

The Western part is not really walkable because of the rocky area with its steep slopes into the sea. There is just a small flat area in the East you can walk. And there, one will meet some odd looking figures.

And I am not going to tell you anything about the ghost vessel. No. I don't.

After my excursion of the isle "Donnerpass" I  met Scarlett Earp. She told me that the development of the region and especially the isle is not finished yet.

Anyway, that's it for now. The reviews of the roleplay regions of "Hohenburg Handelsstadt" has find its end.
All the regions are very detailed, gorgeous and exciting to discover. There are many nice places I haven't described in my reviews. The people over there are very friendly and helpful. So if you meet one just say 'Hello'.
Taking a profession you participate not only in the roleplay but also in a trading system that is unique in the Virtual Worlds.
If for example you are a baker, you need flour, water, eggs and salt and of course some burning material like coals or wood to bake a bread. This you will get at the other professions as there are miller, farmer or at the salt mine for a (virtual) virtual currency used in the game (and its only for the need in the roleplay and of no use outside).
Selling the bread, which needs it time to be completed and baked, will give you the money back that you have paid for the ingredients plus a little bit more for your work. Which again gives you the possibility to buy candles or a book or spend it at the tavern.
As said the system is unique and very complex.
The realization of the roleplay and the idea to include the trading system into the game is by Scarlett Earp.
Scripter and developer of the trading system is Sixtus Majus.
And if you are interested in the roleplay get in touch with Scarlett Earp.

At the end I will give a listing of all the reviews given about the regions belonging to the role play of "Handelsstadt Hohenburg" as links:

- Das Rollenspiel 
- Duesterwald
- Baerenfels
- Brachtann
- Falkenbruch
- Sturmbach 
- Hochtal 
- Handelsstadt 
- Donnerfels
- Sonnental

Because of the fact that "Sonnental" is not fully completed yet, I left it out for a later review. The region will be an oriental trading outpost within the role play.
As Scarlett told me "Hochtal" is under a reconstruction at the moment, but all this does not affect the game play at all.

METROPOLIS Region Donnerpass

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