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Destination: Conundrum

"Conundrum" is one of a region belonging to a whole complex of regions, as there is
Riff Raff, Total Wreck, Absolutely Bodacious Confusion, Applejack, Cardboard and Rust, Steal Away Seaside Shores and Enigma Coast. All of those build by Izzie Applewhyte and Jim Jackson.
For this time I want to give a little review about the "Conundrum" area.

I arrived on a dirt road close to the Southern border of the region. The area looks like, I imagine, an old countryside village. I have never been in the States but I guess in some areas it could look like this. Along the road are three older wooden houses. I started my inspection tour with the grey one saying "Applewhyte Mercantile"

Downstairs is a little shop and a small restaurant. A few of the interiors are "copy take" enabled. In the neighboured room you can have a haircut or have your tooth pulled ;-(

Across the road you'll find the not so trustfull "Bluemoon Car Repair"

The next building is a shop for music instruments and other music gadgets, "copy/take" enabled.

The last buildings on the road are the "Township Jail" and the "Wet Yer Whistle Bar"

The details of the builds and the scenery give a nice atmosphere and its fun to walk through the area. Walking around the corner of the bar, I arrived at a cemetery which seemed not to be as quite as one usually think it should be. Just say "hi" to the dark lady and ignore the vulture.

The horses and cows of Conundrums farmer are somewhat strange.

From the farmhouse I could see an old grungy shed I checked on , and yes it is as grungy in the inside as it looks from the outside. I really loved the look of the friendly dog inside.

From that pretty place I took the road back Northeastwards, passing the old farmhouse again towards a bridge I had seen. The house on the hill did not have a fair impression. But I wanted to give it a look inside.

If you are chicken - hearted, well you better stay outside.

Next beside this villa one will find "Bates Hotel" The cozy hotel of Mr. Norman Bates. Sure I was curious about the inside of the Bates Villa.

Well you have to have a look by yourself, when you visit "Conundrum"
The last building I visited on "Conundrum" was "The First Curch of Conundrum Flying Spaghetti Monster"

With that, the visit has ended and I am looking forward to what I will see at "Riff Raff".
And yes 'An Enigma Wrapped In A Conundrum' is worth a visit.
Tipping my hat to Izzie and Jim.

OSGrid Destination Conundrum

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