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Roleplay United Federation Starfleet: The Arrival

My watch shows 10.30 UST, time enough before the meeting with the officer. It was always my dream to be in the services of the "United Federation Starfleet" and now I am here at 3rdRock Grid on the region "Starfleet Astarios" one of the colonies within the Starfleet realm.

Before the meeting with Captain Selenmoira, CO on the USS Davy Crockett, I have some time to have a look around on the area. So, I pass the recreation beach,

some strange looking, maybe a replica of an extraterrestrial, construction which gives no idea what it is good for,

the Officers Mess comes in sight on my way to the main building.

I assume that opposite to that, the tower building, is a place for official conferences, but I might be wrong on this.

A quick coffee at the "Intergalactic Cafe" in the middle of the region and  I am heading to the main building to be in time for the Captain.

Inside, one will find a lot of information about the "United Federation Starfleet", a worldwide community with an offshot for virtual RP interested here at 3rdRock Grid.
At the "Entree" one can see that also entertainment takes a role in the community and it is not only exploring strange, extraterrestrial worlds, discover new galaxies and have adventurous challenges to pass.

But for me and for most of the participants and members, the latter named is what they are here for. So I take my first adventure right here: Find out what will await me. To the left of me the room extends and I walk through a portal with a sign above "Starfleet Information". Seems to be the right place to go.

Passing the portal you see a small marketplace, where you can purchase some colored (alien?) skin.

You can see the badges of the different branches where you can start your career at.

Six Logos show the Ships and Stations (A click on the specific picture will hand you a LM to the ship or station).

Next you see a few photos from the series showing you civilians in the service of the Starfleet (earthlings and others).

But the most important board for the RP participants is the board in the right corner. It gives information about the roleplay rules.
Each picture holds a notecard given by a click which tell you about
- The Code of Conduct
- Starfleet General Orders
- Roleplay Guidelines
as well as
- 3rdRock Grid Policies
- 3rdRock Terms of Service

Enough for me to read, until the Officer will appear. And what happened when she entered the room and welcomed me..... That is content of the next story, where I will tell what will happen, when decided to get a great adventurer within the "United Federation Starfleet" in the Astraios Colony.

3rdRock Grid, Region Starfleet Astraios
grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:starfleet astraios

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