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Destination: Creanovale Part 3

For the third part of the review, I have set out to give an overview of what else one can see within the village of Creanovale, without giving to much details. It should be up to you to visit the well made and detailed area, done by Dabici Straulino and her partner Kelso Uxlay.
Once you have visited the "Pool Cafe" and being back on the little square turn your way to the left. Pass the Lady in the wheelchair, the two Ladies at the parapet, the two Gentlemen and the French Police Officer and head towards a yellow building with a patinized roof and basement. This is the theatre of the city build with a touch of Steampunk. Or better will be. Looking at the texture of the stage curtain, there is still some work left to do.

From here I walked back to get to the harbour of the village. Before crossing the weir again I discovered a small footpath leading in some natural area which does not really fit to the strength of the industrial villages.

After a walk through this pretty nice and calm area, I reached some steps leading up a hill to a citadel as it looks from the outside.

The ground floor is furnished and seems to be kinda room for classes, with the chairs and the media wall.

On the upper floor you will be inside a room for some kind of studying purposes.

And another floor up, shows you a weather board with various maps and information abouth the current weather covering the USA and southern parts of Canada.

With this short detour, I went back to the weir to get to the harbour.

Just have a look at the photos, I have made from the harbour, to see a glimpse of what you can see there.

My discovery of the village will end at the brewery.

But not to stop to tell more about Creanovale. Next time I travel in the more rural areas of this grid and tell about the Hot Air Baloon.

Creanovale Grid, Region CREA, Area Centre Ville

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