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Destination & Freebies: The Spirit of Arcadia 6 Flotsam

You will be warned at the beginning that "Flotsam", number 6 of the Spirit of Arcadia regions on Sanctuary Grid and a Freeport Township will be very laggy.

"Flotsam" is a small village build above the sea and all the buildings are build on wooden stakes which keep the village off the water surface.

I started my journey through the city plank roads on the western border of the region, the landing point of "Floatsam", and tried to circle it counterclockwise. And the first I encountered was a shipyard which one can copy/ take as an entire object of 50 prims.

Next to the shipyard one will find the "Voodoo Mart". An exotic building of wood and straw. There you will find all kind of magical items but also some more earthly stuff.

In the neighborhood of the Mart, a Chinese has settled and opened the the "McSushi" Restaurant.

Opposite of the "McSushi", the "Flotsam Courthouse" is the place for the Law and Order in the village.

The school for the "Floatsam" pupils is build on a higher level in the village and to be reached via wooden stairs. Looks like they wanted to keep the children of the entrance of the pub next beside. Looking at the chalkboard I am surprised about the lesson held for the kids.

After the school, I visited the mentioned pub called "The Pirates Hideaway Inn" which is kinda a pub and a trading place in one and pretty cramped (therfore I could not make a photo from the inside)

"The White Whale", a capsized ship's hull on ground, caught in the arms of a lignified octopus, offers all kind of specialities. I recommend the marinated herring strawberry tard.

Being a bit off my track, I went back to the court and from there North to "Stan's Second Hand Coffin Shop". The wooden boxes there are in a good shape and very well-priced.

A must visit for everyone who is missing an eye, a leg or some other parts of the body is the "Palace of Prothetics". Wonderful carved wooden legs and artistic painted blue eyes are waiting on a new owner. But I couldn't find a new set of teeth.

Oh I almost missed out "Napoleon Blownapart's" Dynamite and Gunpowder Shop, between The Palace and Stan's Coffins....

and in the opposite of Napoleon's, you find "Barnacle Bob's Bait Shope".

A small plank way leads to "Mastraiser's and Son Ship Suppliers".

Behind that you find the Tattoo Studio and Barber Shop of "Blind Pew"

If you are in the need of some money for a nice tattoo to pay, look inside the "Colonial Bank of Flotsam" and if you are carrying a gun, never mind, the staff in there are used to that.

Back on the Main Plank Road you will find "Pretty Polly's Pet Shop" and if you buy two Parrots, you get the second one free.

At the end of the road on the right side another Chinese has settled and opened a Laundry and a bath with next day service.

Around the corner to the left one can have a good drink at the "Ye Groggery". A nice place to have a good talk with some good or not so good old friends or trying to ride the whale.

Climbing up the stairs to the adjacent building of the Groggery you visit the Bakery "Pireyna" offering some excellent dry and rock-hard hardtack. A gusto.

What else is to be mentioned ?
The "Blake Sea Trading Company",

"Woodworms Fine Piraticle Furnishings",

The very small "Steamwheel Ferry"

or the dangerous looking 'sharky' submarine ?

I think, I got it all at "Floatsam", and if I have missed something out, who cares. You will find it anyway when you visit this fantastic piece of Arcadia's Fantasies. Well done to keep this here and a big thanks to Virtual Christine who, I guess, put this all together.

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