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Destination and Freebies: The Spirit of Arcadia 9

The last region left of "The Spirit of Arcadia" area on the Sanctuary Grid, is the Number 9, known as Cap'n Nemo's Underwater Observatory.
There is not much to bee seen above the sea surface but the entrance to the laboratory. The sign aside the entrance will explain the purpose of the teleporter covering the entrance.

My choice "tube 2". With another click you will find yourself furthermore in the system, standing in a glass tube on the way further down. I think I do not have to mention the fantastic view to the salty environment outside the tube.

Five to six steps further down and you stand in front of the first lock, which opens by a click. What you will enter is a mixture of office and showroom.

From here two more gates (locks) give you the choice to get deeper in the underwater structure. I decided on the right one. Behind the lock just a few meters within another tube you find another lock which gives way to the inside of another module. Meanwhile some strange fish circle the construction.

As far as I could count the whole complex is made of 10 modules, which I will not explain each of them in this post. But I would give some interesting views. So let's have a look.

The docking station for the Underwater Vehicle,


Dining and Cooking,

Meeting and Conference,

The Stations Heart,

Relax and Recreation,

Divers Exit.

These are some pictures of the lab itself. After that, I was looking for another teleporter to check on the other destinations offered. I remember that I have seen one at the dock module and went back to there. "Fish Farm" seems to be an interesting place.
This teleport will send you outside the lab to not so nice looking critters.

Some extraordinary underwater vehicle patrolling the farm.

and strange instruments electrify the closer neighborhood.

And right here my stories end of "The Spirit of Arcadia" regions in the Sanctuary Grid. A well done place to honour the work of Aley Cat and Arcadia Asylum in the OpenSim Community.
Tipping my hat to all the ones involved in this work, in special Virtual Christine.

Sanctuary Grid, Region The Spirit of Arcadia 9 spirit of arcadia 9

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