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Art: Poetic Pearls

One of the areas on the "Pandora" region on Nara's Nook Grid is the platform "Poetic Pearls".
As I have written in a former article about Nara's Nook, the Grid residents are mainly writers and so the "Poetic Pearls" was made by one of the authors, namely Tracy Olmstead.

To get to the platform is not quite easy, cause you first land on Pandora ,where there is no further telepad. You have to walk the storypath on the groundlevel island to the end to get to the telepad that will bring you up to the skyrock "Poetic Perls".

The top of the rock is neatly arranged. A big hall is the most prominent building on the plateau.

The front of the entrance is a dancing space, bordered on the northern side by a half round arranged row of pine trees. In front one sees a lonesome piano with a dance ball hovering above.

Entering the hall, on the left side you have several open rooms showing boards with a collection of poems by Tracy.

On the right hand side you can read a few philosophical thoughts about virtual worlds, dance, poetry and pearls. Take your time to read it, it's very interesting.

And when you are there with your partner you might end up in a discussion about what you have read or you will set the volume of your stream, go outside to the piano, click the dance ball and dance the time away.

And if you are by your own, just click the dance ball anyway. click on NPC Couples, sit on the danceball and a virtual dance partner will appear and start dancing. But don't forget this partner does not know anything about romance!

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Pandora, Area Poetic Pearls
Teleport to Poetic Pearls

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