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Interview: Camryn Darkstone

Camryn Darkstone is a builder on the Littlefield Grid and known for her fantastic Art Deco buildings. Good reason for the "Hyperzette" to conduct an interview with the creator. She is going to tell us a little background about her desire to create in open sim.

Can you tell a bit about your beginnings ?

I have been involved in virtual worlds since 2006. One of the things I love about virtual worlds is admiring the creativity of other people. In the early days in SL I was especially inspired by the work of Baron Grayson, Gospel Voom, Abel Dreamscape and other great builders, as well as artists like Lilith Heart, Alex Bader and Kriss Lehmann. Their work enriched my life so much, and I admired them immensely.
I had done quite a bit of landscaping in SL but I started building in earnest once I met Walter Balazic. I have no training in art, architecture or design, but he encouraged me to build a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous house, Fallingwater, a landmark of American architecture. I had never built anything of that size or significance before. I learned so much about architecture from tracing Wright's work and seeking to understand his perspective. Visitors enjoyed the house, which can be seen today on Littlefield Grid, on the "Mill Run" region.
Littlefield Adult,  BFE Building Streamline Moderne

Littlefield Adult, A&L Designs Streamline Moderne

How and what happened, when you changed to Opensim?

When Walter decided to create Littlefield Grid, and brought our family to Opensim, I began building in high gear--we had a whole world to build, from the ground up! I have been building non-stop for the whole four years we have been in Opensim. I created all the buildings on the main public regions of Littlefield Grid; I have developed about 20 regions so far. For each new project, I immerse myself in learning about a style of architecture, whether it is Streamline Moderne, Art Deco, Minimalism, Bauhaus, Victorian, Roman, Chinese or Brutalism. I study photos and read about the style, then try to interpret it in a way that makes sense for the virtual world.
Littlefield, Art Deco Shop modelled on Sontag Drug Store L.A.

What did you drove your creator-skills to these buildings and specially for Art Deco?

Why Art Deco? Art Deco and Streamline Moderne are Walter's favorite styles of architecture, so those buildings are a gift from me for his pleasure.
In addition to architecture and building, I enjoy music and fashion. I'm a retired professional musician in RL and currently work in the fashion industry.
Littlefield East, Arcadia Building and Skyscraper

Littlefield East, Waterfront

What's going to be your next project?

My next project will be... whatever Littlefield Grid needs! I'm not setting out to create art; I am more of an engineer than an architect. I am creating the spaces to be the theater for the friendships and relationships that are the lifeblood of our grid. For me, the mark of success is when people enjoy using the places I have created.
I gave a short retrospective of my learning experience at
Mill Run, modelled on Frank Lloyd Wright (U.S. architect) iconic home

Thank You very much for answering the question.

Thanks for asking

Interviewpartner: Camryn Darkstone

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