Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

Entertainment: Gretel's Reconstruction

Nara's Nook Grid and the region "Pandora" is always good for surprises and so it is that I took a journey to the skybox "Gretel Reconstructed".
How to get there in short:
- Get to Nara's Nook Grid.
- On the Greyville landing area turn around and look for the teleporter board.
- Select Pandora and Click.
- On the arrival spot at Pandora, turn yourself, so you look in a western direction and start flying in that direction.
- Search for a red cylinder on the ground (that's a "telepad") and land next beside it.
- Click on the inner white cylinder and choose "Gretel Recon" from the menu.
- Click the white teleporter again and awake in 632 m on the platform of "Gretel Reconstructed". Quite easy, isn't it.

When being on the platform do four things:
a. Relax from the journey while..
b. ..reading the board on your side

When having your breathe back turn again to your right and you will see a button you should
c. click

And now hurry up.
A gingerbread house will appear in front of you and disappear as soon as it is rezzed to locate itself
on a place you have to find. In addition right of it a board with text will appear and from now on you have 5 mins.

And now
d. just follow the bread crumps. Easy you might think, but don't get lost in the snowy wood, what might happen quick

And what will happen when you see this sign in time and press the adjacent button, this you have to find out by yourself at "Gretel's Reconstruction" on Nara's Nook after the idea of Shara Lanel.

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Pandora, Platform Gretel's Reconstruction

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