Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Roleplay United Federation Starfleet: Medical, Science and Technology

Here I am, in front of the Medical Center of the UFS on region "Majel" on 3rd Rock Grid.
Entering the reception hall, you have a few seat groups, you can sit on while waiting for the medical procedure you are looking ahead of. Beside that there are entrances to the Sick Bay and the Laboratories.

I sit in one of the comfortable chairs, waiting on the things to come.
And it is a Lady in uniform that comes towards me, introducing herself as Doctor Sheldon Whitewitch who has the task to check my health and fitness. So I follow her to the examination rooms.

And this is more like a computer room than a doctors consulting office.
Everywhere you can see blinking panels and screens, knobs and switches and couches where I have to lay my body.

And she starts her surgery without touching me. She takes some kind of apparatus, holds it in her hands and switches a few switches. After a while she tells me to stand up and that she is ready.

"All my virtual pixelational values are okay and from the phantasmedical standpoint I am fit for starduty". With those words of Doctor Whitewitch releases me from the medical surgery.
Because for the rest of the day I am off any duty I visit the Majel Science Center.

In the entrance hall one can see a big board in Memoriam of Gene Roddenberry the founder of Startrek and his wife Majel Barrett -  Roddenberry actress in the series.

Opposite to the entrance you will get a NC with a complete guide through the building and its ongoing exhibitions.

I will not give a complete walk through the building but show you a few pics of what you can see and explore here, starting from the top floor to the bottom.

My beeper is giving me a signal, which tells me I have to check my email, some mail by UFS is in my mailbox. I will see you, up to then you may visit the "Science Center". It's worth it !

3rdRock Grid, Region Majel

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