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Roleplay United Federation Starfleet: The hard course of the day for a USF Cadet

I hurried back to the floor with the classrooms where Professor Bravin was already waiting for me.

Because I had chosen to take my duties within the Science Branch. this was the introduction course to the branch. Professor Bravin talked about the goals and what science means within the USF.
(Well I guess each branch chief will start with the following (similar) introduction of her/his branch):

'Science is at the very heart of Starfleet and the principles it upholds.
Investigation, exploration and attainment of knowledge were the goals of the Enterprise's first five year mission... and continue to be our goal for the future.'

After about 30 min of intense listening, he handed out a NC on which one can read the currently heard words and yes, of course, another NC with a little exam of 18 questions which the students better pass.
One hint on a question:
Capt. Kirk was a superb one handed femalien kissologist while Captain Picard just was only an ordinary archaeologist.

After the test, my day had not ended yet. A physical examination was scheduled for the same day. So I had to walk over to "Majel" region and report to the hospital there.
On my way, I decided to have a closer look to the region.
For that, I left that HQ Building turned to the left and at the next crossroad again to the left towards West, and after a few steps I reached the region "Majel"

This region is named after Majel Barrett Roddenberry who died in 2008 and was an actress in the Startrek series where she played the character of Nurse Christine Chapel.
And she was the spouse of Gene Roddenberry, the Star-Trek creator.
A big parade square is build in the southeastern corner and it is used not only for military events with 3rdRock Grid and the UFS.

In the southwestern corner is a platform that caught my interest, looks like there are some models of spaceships to be investigated. Coming closer one can see a few space flight models showcased.

But with all the ships around the place, it looks more like an entertainment location then something more military like. I would say it is a dancefloor under the open sky.
I went back to the middle of the region, where I have passed a dome. This is the Majel Observatory

In the Northwestern corner one will find the Majel Teaching Hospital

And that was my next destination. I admit that I was a bit excited of what would happen to me there.

3rdRock Grid, Region Majel

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