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Education: Hooke

Travelling to the VIBE Headquarter one will find teleporter boards with different destinations. One is labelled 'Genome'  which is catching my attention.
A click on the board, a few seconds to wait and the teleport starts to "Huxley" region.
"Huxley" itself is an island with just other teleporters set up.

The red ball at the side will give you a Landmark to 'Avatar Stuff,Shopping(45,139,22)@' by Max Huxley.
But for me the board next beside was of more interest. Will it give teleports to other regions within "Genome".

And curious as I am, I clicked on "Hooke", to be at another place in less then 5 sec.

I landed almost inside a "Prokaryotic Cell Model". How I knew ? Well, there was and still is an information board beneath. A click on it, will give you a lot of information in a NC about it and another board above the model will appear, telling you about the structure.

Turning my pixelated body around and look above me I recogniced a bigger model of an "Eukaryotic Cell Model". And again you get more information by a click on the label.

No doubt I am on a scientific region. And true, the name "Hooke" has to do with it. Because Robert Hooke was an English natural philosopher, architect and polymath.
For more information about him see Wikipedia 

But let me continue on the region. Clicking on the red ball beneath the model will bring you to the first of 10 platforms. The first one is called "Macromolecules". Lots of information and a bit to play with.

Crossing a bridge you get to the next platform "Osmosis". And again lots of information and experimenting.

Platform 3 'Enzyme and Substrates'.

The next platform gives a view in the 'Micro Cosmos'.

Number 5: 'Membranes and Transport'.

'Electron Transport and Photosynthesis' are the themes on platform 6.

'Respiration in Plants and Animals' on the next

'Mitosis Challenge' will have you to click on the microscope

Platform Number 9 and 10 are empty.

As it looks like this region gives information about the scientific works, Robert Hooke was concerned about.
A very informative region on the VIBE Grid laid out by an Avatar named Max Hooke.

VIBE Grid, Region Hooke

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  1. Thanks for the tour and description. The OpenSim Genome is a recreation of Max Chatnoir's Genome Island in Second Life (Mary Ann Clark, Ph.D. in RL). The four islands cover genetics (Mendel), molecular biology (Crick), cell biology (Hooke), and Huxley is the landing platform. Mary Ann decided on separate estate managers each name Max. But, Max Chatnoir is the SL avatar most people are familiar with. If you are interested in using it for biology classes, please contact me via G+.