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Art: Ouvroir

Chris Marker is the French writer, photographer, film director, multimedia artist and documentary maker, who's "La jetée" - which inspired the 1995 Academy Award-nominated science fiction film "Twelve Monkeys" - and "Sans soleil", among other seminal works, made cinematic history in voice, text and associative media practices.

Born in 1921, Chris is one of the most profiled figures in media history, and yet, he does not grant interviews or allow himself to be photographed. This legendary denial would suggest that he was predetermined as an avatar. Now he enters a Metaverse environment as a synthetic figure.

In virtual worlds, he deliberately enters the "Ouvroir" prepared for him by MosMax Hax aka Max Moswitzer and plays with his own work, in the company of his longtime guide, Guillaume-en-Egypte, a cat and a furry entity in Second Life. When asked for a photograph of himself, Chris provides one of his Guillaume-en-Egypte.

Marker's impressively strong portraits of Simone Signoret, Akira Kurosawa, Salvador Dalí and Fidel Castro are evidence and emblematize his obsession of "staring back".

(The above text is taken from a notecard one will receive. The original author is unknown)

My view is not your view, my words are not your words. Have a look by yourself

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