Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Art: Iceland

A few days ago I got the information of a new region on the Ipsofacto Grid. Prodyck Theas created "Iceland", a 'Fleur de Glace", an "Ice Blossom".

One will start the journey on one of the blossom leaves surrounded by abstract sculptures, which are teleporters to other places within the Ipsofacto Grid, each unmissable.

Which looks like the heart of the blossom from top is actual fact a tower building with a dome on top of it.

At the ground floor you can visit an exhibition of Dino Liberatore, a resident on Franco Grid and friend of Prodyck. A small blue pyramid will give an URL to the Web Site of Dino.

Two pads on the ground will give a teleport to the top dome of the building or the next floor. The next floor just having a seat group and a crystal needle tree at the moment.

The dome platform carries the source of the cylindric waterfall, which falls through the whole building in its center. And if you are quick enough you still can pick up a christmas gift in a green box ;-)

From there a pad teleports you back to the ground floor, where I used a ladder to get a bit higher on a gallery, where figurines show some works of Prodyck.

Stand on some leaves of the blossom, one can see a big lightbulb hanging in the air in a distance.

Not much with it but a seating group, a flower, a piece of art and a table with four chairs. But the latter of an interesting texture.

Another "Hyperzette" recommendation to visit the place of Prodyck Theas.

Ipsofacto Grid, Region Iceland

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