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Art: Museo del Metaverso

Something new happens in the Craft World Grid. Well, it did exist before and it existed in Craft World, but Roxelo Babenco, closed it for a while and had it built up in a new glamour.
I am talking about the "Museo del Metaverso" (The Metaverse Museum).
The building itself is a work of art by itself. No wonder, does it carry the thumbprint of Alpha Auer.

Landing on the "MdM" region one will find oneself in front of a big information board, telling a little bit about the history of the installation, in italian and english language.

Next to it you will find a guideline where to find the exhibitions within MdM. Due to the fact that the Museo will officially open on March 07th, those boards will not name any artist and exhibition yet. Fortunately the "Hyperzette" had the chance for a pre visit. Thank you Roxelo.

Next on the ground is a sphere with arrows reaching out of it. This is a teleporter to the different levels of the building. An almost translucent box will teleport you to the recreation area "uqbar", if you feel exhausted after the walks through the various exhibitions.

And I recommend to click on the colorful refrigerators next to it.I promise that you will be confronted with something cool ;-)

After this little introduction I tried the teleporter and started with Cielo 1, where cielo translates to Heaven ;-)
The different "Heavens" count from 1 bottom to top 4.
From a center, build in the form of many rings, three different flat spheres are to be reached and contain each a different exhibition.
For this review I tried to just give a vague view of what you will see there. For this reason I have changed the windlight settings sometimes

From Cielo 1 a circular stair leads to the "Auditorium"

The teleporter on the floor than leads me to Cielo 2

Climbing up via tp to Cielo 3

Heaven 4

The Meeting Point and neighborhood




After this short walk thru the "Museo de Metaverso", I hope I have made you hungry for a nice portion of art. Be assured, it is a very tasty meal.
Officially it will be served at March 7th.
And the cooks are the best and well known !
For more information see the MdM Website
(Italian language, partly English language)

Craft World Grid, Region Mdm

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