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Education: Altun ha

The last region which is left on the "NOVA" areas done by Nova Saunders is "Altun Ha".
Landing on the region using the teleport from the "NOVA" default region, you land in the back of a big board which belongs to a bunch of boards, set up in a circle around a pole with an info box rotating on top.

But what is it all about ?
I started to walk past the boards in a clockwise direction and the first board asks questions with another board aside, a "Stratigraphy" which shows the locations of the given numbers in the questions.
This definitely looks as an exam to me.

The next boards give information, what secrets a tree stump reveals at an closer inspection and how the tree rings can be very important for the scientists.

A notecard in a box will give you the URL of a web side that covers the legal side and other archaeological related issues on the next grouped set up. (Leave the treasure box where it is, please!)

A few steps away, in front of an old shack you find a table with tools an archaeologist uses and the bigger board next to it informs about the newer high tech which is used in addition to the tools, nowadays.

Information is given on the GPR's,the Ground Penetrating Radars.

With those last boards I left the circel and followed the arrows which are spread over the ground. Those arrows lead you in a counterclockwise direction around a domed and fenced area which is under construction. One can see the beginnings of a towering building

Following the arrows one will cross the border to "Allegheny" region. To the back of the viaduct I have talked about in my "Allegheny" post a few days ago. So I turned to North and followed the regions border to find a way back. After a short walk I found a ford to cross the water, leading back to "Altun Ha" and 'Rockstone Water'

In a distance I could see a box which I headed to. It will give a hint of what will happen under the dome.

The way splits from here and if you follow the right arrow you will be going to a wooden bridge entering the region "Werowocomoco". I followed the arrow showing southwards, when a second dome came in sight with build ups and ordinary prims under construction.

I tried to take a closer look but could not find out what this was all about. But I am sure within a few weeks this will be finished and we will know what it is.
And with that last construction side my review about "NOVA" is finished. But there are much more areas on the VIBE Grid which are of interest and the "Hyperzette" will continue to visit this grid.
But for me there is one more question open right here at "NOVA". The region is called "Altun Ha".
Altun Ha is the name given to the ruins of an ancient Maya city in Belize. But I could not find anything here which had to do with he Mayans ?
Hmmmm ?

Anyway "NOVA" is great work with lots of information of American history and the work of Archaeologists. And with the questions on some of the boards it seems to be used for guided educational purposes as well.
Tipping my hat to Nova Saunders for the fine work she did.

VIBE Grid, Region Altun Ha ha

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