Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Shopping and Destination: ABC

"Absolute Bodacious Confusion" in short "ABC" that is the shopping region set up by Izzie Applewhyte and Jim Jackson. The area itself is build in a grungy style. Several buildings offer different kinds of stuff, from furniture to vehicles, from shirts to fun stuff, sculptie works and Mesh. What one will find there, is free and 'copy/take' enabled and not only in the 'shops' but also spread over the area.

My first visit was a building called "I & J Fine Home Furnishings".
There you'll find a small collection of furnitures.

Walking in a clockwise direction over the region the next building is a grey grungy shop with all kinds of stuff one needs or don't. As the sign says it's a "Mish Mesh". The shop has an excellent selection of items, that even bigger sharks like to shop there. Unfortunately they are too big to get through the door.

The smaller sheds which I reached next after the "Mish Mesh" are empty but can be taken for personal use on ones own region.

Do not miss the hangar and its content.

If you are looking for a fancy shirt, check out the corrugated-iron shack.

Only for a short time the "Applejack Discount" has a very special offer: up to 100% off for all the items you will find in there.

"ABC" is a great region to shop around, if you look for something special for yourself, your love, your friend, your enemy, your grandfather, your grandmother and all others.....
Go there and have a look.


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