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Destination: Pathlandia

"Pathlandia" is a grid owned and maintained by John Lester aka Pathfinder Lester and includes the regions "Pathlandia", "Pathlandia North", "Pathlandia Northeast" and "Pathlandia East". If there are more, I do not know. After my hyperjump I arrived on the default location "Pathlandia", a small atoll in the middle of the deep server sea.

The island is a mixture of everything and build by pure fantasy. Keeping your sound on, you will hear all kind of noises, birds songs, crickets in the back, shore waves, crackling of the nearby campfire.

Almost all the items you can see are 'copy/take' enabled (if not all).
In the back of the campfire one will find two boards with hypergrid destinations. And if you click on one of those you will directly teleported to the place. So do not do it if you want to stay on "Pathlandia", but after your visit.

By the way, if you like to discover the hyperverse in great company, get in touch with Thirza Ember and the HG Safari Group. They will travel the hypergrid every Wednesday with worthwhile destination. You will find a group joiner on "Pathlandia", too. Or go to their Facebook group
or meet them on their start location on the METROPOLIS Grid Region Outlands ( on Wednesdays.

But back to "Pathlandia". The Hunting Lodge close to the campfire I visited seems to be kinda office of  Pathfinder Lester and contains a very individual interior. And if you are lucky you might meet Pathfinder there.

What else one will discover on the atoll is too much to put in this review. One can spent hours just on that small atoll looking around and discover the area. As Pathfinder says in the profile of the region:
' A place of quiet reflection and natural beauty. Explore to discover hidden secrets, freebies and other curiosities.'
. I will just give a little teaser with the pictures.

Best is to come and see and experience this island by your own. And if you need more information about Pathfinder and "Pathlandia" just visit his WebSite
Tipping my hat, to Pathfinder.

Pathlandia Region Pathlandia

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