Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Destination: Rainbow Country

I wonder if a rainbow has that many colors as one can see on a region in the PMGrid, developed by Soror Nishi.
I know that this impossible but "Rainbow Country" ,as the region is inofficially named, for sure is one of the most colorful regions one can encounter. And the nature built on this region is a fantastic surrealistic one.

As far as I am informed the region is still under construction but visitors are welcome already.
The region itself is build on two levels.
While the low level is the more colorful the upper one's main color is white on a blue ground.

The ground on the lower level will change its colors from a bright green on the lower areas to an orange pinkish red on the higher ones.

And the best to describe the plants is not do it and let the pictures speak:

A contrast to the down level is the area above it. From a distance the blue looks like ground but coming closer one will see that it is a sea of mostly blue mushrooms on white and pink stitch type spheres.

Right in the middle of it, a surrealistic tree grows to the sky...

...surrounded by white columns carrying white trees.

To get the right idea about this region it is a must to visit "Rainbow Country".
A fantastic work done by Soror Nishi.
And another art gem in the OpenSim Vorlds.

PMGrid Region San13

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