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Destination: Greyville (1)

The first time, it was March/April 2014, I visited "Nara's Nook" it was just two regions "Greyville" and another one, the name I forgot. Was kind of a party area with small shacks on pillars build in the middle of the sea.
Coming now to the "Grid of the Authors", "Greyville" still exists but the rest changed enormously and the number of regions increased. To review all of the Grid in one article is way too much, so I will break it in bits and pieces, starting with "Greyville".

Arriving at "Greyville", the landing point is right on the middle of the region at the corner of the small village and the "Authors Discovery Garden".

On my arrival I could see 4 green dots on my little radar. One of them is sitting on a dead tree stump close to the landing point and is Lizzy the chatting lizzard.

Just a small piece of the conversation I had with Lizzy

zaphod Enoch: hi lizzy
Lizzy: So how have you been lately, zaphod.Enoch?
zaphod Enoch: doing fine thanks
Lizzy: Of course.
zaphod Enoch: how have you been ?
Lizzy: Just so-so. I'm hoping you can cheer me up. :)
zaphod Enoch: I don't know what would cheer you up
Lizzy: Who really does?
zaphod Enoch: A clown maybe ?
Lizzy: Perhaps a Mr. Bicycle Pump likes Ms. Common. *wink wink*
zaphod Enoch: I don't have any idea what you are talking about.
Lizzy: You do. You're fooling yourself. I really like your style. Maybe we can spend some time together.

We talked a little bit more but when she invited me to see her living place in the tree stump, I left to the village to find out what to see there. The first building I came to, was the "Internet cafe"  with a board aside saying -Write-Ins Daily & Daily Chats Sunday - Friday-

The inside is a cozy cafe with a small bar and a few tables with notebooks on them. A long blonde haired body styled sapling NPC is hammering the standup piano. You may ask him whatever you like but he is not as chatty as Lizzy. To be honest he does not say a word.

The next house is a small shop where one can acquire male and female avatars all inclusive (bodyparts and outfit).

Adjacent to that one will find Endora Twinklens home gallery. If you have missed her exhibition at "Beeblebrox" here you have the chance to see some of her works right here.

The next building on the corner is a small exhibition hall with book covers and posters of the books the residental writers at Nara's Nook have published. Even so it says "Bookshop" above the entrance, I could not manage to purchase a book.

The next house around the corner "Nook World Travel and Land Store" seems to be still under construction and in the adjacent shop you find "Crates and Barrels" filled with Author and promo tools or Male Skins or Hair or......well come over and see yourself.

The next red house on the corner of the inner quarter of the small village is another book exhibition  for the "Passionate Reads". You might not find a book to read there but poster and book covers of the residental authors 'that seduce the readers one book at a time.....'

The white smaller building around the corner is the fitness studio "Glow Yoga" where you can work your body by using gym balls or running on a treadmill. Push up mats with different exercises are available, too.

"BlogSite Creations" is a service building offering 'the frugal Author's Guide to Creating Stunning Websites for free'

The next house in the inner quarter does have a more private character with its interior and the adjacent one is completely empty.

With this last building I have made a complete circle around the inner quarter of the "Greyville" Village and having a look on the length of this review, I will stop here. But I am not finished yet. There are more buildings on the outer side of the ring road and the "Authors Discovery Garden" waiting on a visit. That will give enough material to write for the second part of the Greyville review. But meanwhile do not hesitate and visit the "Grid of the Writers".
You are always welcome.

Nara's Nook Region Greyville

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