Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Shopping: D&J Design

One has build a mansion or a medieval type scenery and is looking to fill a room with furniture that fits the style ? One needs office furniture or a modern style living room ? One is not so good in building and looks for an entire house ? Then you should have a look at D&J Design by Dorothea Lundquist

The modern style building on the region does not give any hint of its content. Just a D&J Design Logo at the front wall tells you where you are. Two smaller signs at the entrance will give you a Notecard with the information that D&J Design is also present in OSgrid regions with the same items:
Love and Peace (Furniture Store I and Fashion Shop).
D&J Estate (Furniture Store II) behind the Hotel
Doro Real Estate (Houses)

Medieval furniture is offered as chattels with an oriental touch.

Taking the stairs up to the next floor you are confronted with the modern type of furniture. Here one will find living room sets, beds, office furniture, mirrors and wall shelves.

The next floor offers the bits and pieces one needs for the garden, but also ready build houses (unfurnished) and garden gazebos.

And on the last level, what a surprise, you will find ....... fashion for both genders including some for roleplaying or other occasions.

The selection is exclusive and fine and sure a recommendation for a visit.


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