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Destination And Freebies: The "Wickenshire" Regions

If you come to OSGrid you should not miss "Wickenshire" by Patch Ferber.
Another fine address for Freebies but also worth a little sightseeing. "Wickenshire" is a laying out of 6 regions, where two regions (Wickenshire and Wickenshire East) are developed. I started my excursion on the Wickenshire mainland.

Right in the middle of the region one will find a gazebo like building, where you see different kind of fountains and some couple animations.
In the neighborhood of the building you can purchase two different pools.

The great work of a locomotive and it's tender made by Master Dubrovna is a "have-a-look-and-get-inspired" work and not for sale. A very well done and exciting piece of build Mister Dubrovna.

The next building that took my attention was the one with the sign "Curiosity Shop". A big sphere in front of the building contains a model of the mars observer "Curiosity"

Further on the pathway one arrvies at the "Curiosity Shop".
Inside the shop you may 'copy take' some funny but also interesting items as medieval wooden string instruments, jewelery and others.

Before I entered the biggest building on the region I visited a smaller one aside, the shop of Zia Frimon. Here she offers a wide selection of female and male hairs, women dresses and skins, shoes for the Ladies and boots, Gents skins and clothing. Some of the items have a Victorian and Steampunk touch. Parts of the shop are still under construction but you can visit it already and it will be filled with further items in the near future as Zia assured me.(She was filling it already when we met)

The main eye catcher on "Wickenshire" is undoubtfully the big stone building in the northwestern corner of the region. This building is filled with furnitures and decorative items for your living. On five levels one will find almost everything the heart could wish for:
Modern and old style living room furniture, chimneys, lamps, framed paintings, cabinets and shelves.

Beds, dining rooms, bars and many more

If you wanna furnish your home, this place is a good address to visit, and I bet you will not leave this place without at least one item.
When finished with your shopping tour at "Wickenshire" one should take a short trip to

"Wickenshire East"

one of the creative land areas (beside "Asteria") of Zia Frimon and a nice destination to explore as well.
The first you will encounter is the big airship on one of the three islands. Before exploring the ship one should not miss to watch the movie "The Eye of the Storm" which you can click to the left at the stairways up to the airship.

On the next small isle another air vehicle is dominating the view. It's one of the first UFO's ever observed during the "Steampunk Area" ;-
To get inside just walk in the beam and be surprised what you will see. Zia is an excellent creator and you should have a closer look 'with your cursor'.

The third isle is hosting a future shop of Zia. At the moment is is empty but will be filled in the future as Zia told me

OSGrid Region Wickenshire
OSGrid Region Wickenshire East

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