Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Destination: Bhogavati

Leaving "Ashos" behind I was ready to explore "Bhogavati", the region neighboured in the south of Ashos on the Grid "Ignis Fatuus". Looking in Wikipedia it tells me that Bhogavati is Hindi and has a double meaning: 1. peopled by snakes and 2. delightful. So I was pretty excited what I had to expect.

From a distance you could see the mountains in the south and one of the mountains reminds of a buddha statue. The way to there was blocked by a lake with some smaller islands in the middle with a temple complex build on it which one has to cross first.

I crossed the first wooden bridge to get to the main building on the lake and turned to the right. A big golden Buddha looked  down to me with a mellow smile.
He holds a blue sphere. I touched it but nothing happened.

Another bigger building in the lake is not to be reached by walking. One needs to have a boat to get their but there was none. It's an open building and from the bridge you can see that it is furnished with only a big gong. And sometimes you can hear the strokes of different types of gongs.

Behind the lake the mountain slopes of the "Buddha Mountains" as I called it, ascent steeply. Unfortunately I could not find a way up but a gate like opening give way through the rock.

Beware of the tiger when you take the path through it. Beyond the "Buddha Mountains" one reach the coast and you have to use a bridge to come to the other side of the water.

The bridge itself does not look too trustworthy but it held the weight of my Avatar. At the end of the bridge one reaches the region "Valyria" and this will be the place I will report in another story. For me this "Bhogavati" has the meaning of delightful,  have I seen not one snake there. And it is a delightful region done by Max Hill. Tipping my hat.

IGNIS FATUUS Region Bhogavati

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