Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Art: Tao Lia

To introduce a region of art is always difficult cause everyone has a different opinion of what is art for her or him. So I try to give a great view on all of the art projects but you may find a tendency of what I like.
Also it is very difficult if not impossible to describe art dispassionately. Therefor I will let the pictures speak for themselves without many words, if at all.
On my travels through the hyperverses I visited the region GawLab in FrancoGrid. When I read the name GawLab it told me that it is more than just a name and I googled it and found a very interesting by Praline B.

For sure I do not want to withhold the URI from you:

The Artwork is named Tao Lia and is made by Shenn Tao modified by Praline B.. (I hope I translated the land information the right way cause my french is horrible to almost non- existence.)
And now I let the pictures sing their song. You see the scores but to hear the tune you have to visit Tao Lia on the region GawLab.

FrancoGrid Region GawLab Parcel Tao Lia

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  1. Wow I m very glad you liked the Shenn Tao's artwork ! We met in Second Life in 2009, but Shenn is also a metanaute and he had also sims at OsGrid, and when I visited him there, I discovered a build so beautiful and amazing, he gently offers for my new project GawLab few oars to start with them. I will see if he is still there and I'll give you the urls to meet his build.